Kalmar to assume responsibility for log handling operations at Iggesund Paperboard, Sweden

2019-04-29 09:22


Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has signed comprehensive three year cooperation agreement with Iggesund Paperboard AB, part of the Holmen Group. The contract, which includes the provision of equipment, operators, maintenance services as well as the Kalmar Insight performance management software, was booked in Cargotec's 2019 Q1 order intake. The agreement came into effect at the beginning of April. 

One of the most advanced fully integrated pulp and paperboard mills in the world, Iggesund Mill on Sweden's east coast produces Invercote, one of the world's leading paperboard brands. Under the tailored partnership agreement, Kalmar will assume full responsibility for the customer's log handling operations with optimal amount of equipment, tools and professional resources. High operational performance will be reached by utilising Kalmar's capabilities to tailor flexible and highly reliable solutions ensuring effectiveness of customer's operations. 

Pelle Olsson, Head of Board Production at Iggesunds Bruk: "Kalmar's solution will allow us to focus on our core business and add value for our end customers. As a producer of some of the world's best-performing paperboard, we want to work with reliable partners who are true leaders in their own areas, and in this respect Kalmar fits the bill perfectly. This contract provides us with peace of mind as we get premium equipment for log handling, their maintenance, operators as well as the latest software to optimise our logistics processes" 

Valerian Sand, Vice President, Kalmar North Europe: "We are very excited about our cooperation with Iggesund Paperboard AB. This agreement demonstrates our ability to run full responsibility for a critical part of customer operations, providing a complete, tailored solution that supports operational improvements. Kalmar's heritage and long history in industrial cargo handling enabled us to create this effective solution. It is an essential part of our company's strategy to be trusted partner for our customers by offering great products and a wide variety of professional services designed to release the full potential of customer's operations."

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